Commitment to a Diverse Brotherhood

Founded from Diversity:
Delta Sigma Pi was founded over a hundred years ago to be America’s preeminent professional business fraternity.
Part of that founding was to form a brotherhood of people from diverse walks of life, at a time when other organizations
excluded certain groups from membership. A great strength of our Fraternity is a membership as diverse as the business world,
for which we are preparing our members. We are a mixture of different voices from different backgrounds that challenge fixed ways
of thinking and lead us to excellent ideas at both the chapter level and in the business world.

A Diverse Fraternity:

Delta Sigma Pi is a diverse brotherhood. We were the first professional business fraternity to go co-ed, admitting women in 1975.
We welcome into our membership students of business who meet professional standards of admission, and our policies allow
no exclusions based on race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

Diversity Ideals into Action:

Delta Sigma Pi puts its commitment to a diverse brotherhood into action, going beyond a non-discrimination policy,
and extends a Welcome to those of all walks of life who meet our professional standards. Every one of us is an individual
with different abilities to offer, and we seek out and honor those differences. Delta Sigma Pi strives to provide fraternal friendships with
people different than ourselves, giving that feeling of bonding that a fraternity of people with similar goals can uniquely give.

Many of today's leaders are Deltasigs, including:
• Eduardo Aguirre, Jr., former Ambassador of the United States of America to Spain and Andorra
• Gordon Bethune, Chairman and CEO, Continental Airlines
• Henry W. Bloch, Honorary Chairman of the Board, H & R Block
• S. Truett Cathy, Founder and Chairman, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
• James F. Geer, Controller for Manufacturing, Coca-Cola USA
• Gregory W. Jones, President & CEO, State Farm General Insurance Company
• Gilman G. Louie, Partner, Alsop Louie Partners; Former President & CEO, In-Q-Tel, Inc
• Robert E. Lowder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Colonial BancGroup, Inc.
• Russell G. Mawby, Chairman Emeritus, W. K. Kellogg Foundation
• Mike Michalowicz, Television Host, Angel Investor, Author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
• R. Michael Mondavi, Chairman of the Board, Robert Mondavi Winery
• Michael P. Morley, Chief Administrative Officer - Executive V.P., Eastman Kodak Company
• Dean R. O'Hare, Chairman and CEO, The Chubb Corporation
• David Oreck, Founder, Oreck Corporation
• Paul S. Otellini, President and CEO, Intel
• Joseph A. Pichler, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kroger Company
• Sam J. Sebastiani, Former Owner and President, Viansa Winery
• John G. Smale, Chairman of the Board and CEO (Retired), Procter and Gamble Company
• Dominic A. Tarantino, Chairman Emeritus, PricewaterhouseCoopers
• William Chong, former Secretary of Finance of Honduras, current Honduras President's Advisor.